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A valuable asset to our business

As CCD for Danone globally I really appreciate the value given by Jo Story in the client relationship. Thanks to her involvement we have been able to elevate the business conversation.

Among other things, she delivered an excellent presentation on Mothering excellence for Danone ELN and she was able to prepare (in short timing) an analysis of Millennial trends in China for Danone Waters. Danone global appreciated this work and asked us to present this in front of the Global procurement team to help them to better understand this target.

Jo has a very strong collaboration spirit, she works well across teams and has helped to open the door to new expertise : Online communities, Social intelligence etc. She has been a valuable asset to our business.

Made a transformative impact on our business

Jo Storry made a transformative impact on our business. She revitalized the team and grew the division into the most profitable and fastest growing part of our business. With Jo at the helm we grew major accounts, hit exponentially greater targets, grew major accounts, plowed new revenue streams, and did genuinely path-breaking work for our clients.

Jo excels at making good ideas even better. She is a creative thinker with the ability to conceptualize complex problems and partner others to generate ideas and explore winning solutions.

Jo is an idealist and values-driven person. She is absolutely professional, ethical and principled. She never compromises on quality. Jo’s warm and friendly approach is at the core of her ability to build business relationships, but she is no ‘soft touch’. She has the strength of leadership to make tough calls and move the business forward.

An absolute pleasure to work with

I’ve worked with Jo over the past few years, first when I was in the Carlsberg regional team and then when I became part of the China team.

I’ve found Jo to be a very astute insights person – capable of looking past the “obvious or stated” to really understand the motivations and tensions for consumers. She is an active participant in qualitative research and certainly provides a strategic steer to global and local projects.

On a personal side, Jo is an absolute pleasure to work with and brings great energy and enthusiasm to any project.

Expertise buys you decades of blue-chip marketing insight

Joanne’s breadth of expertise buys you decades of blue-chip marketing insight. From the moment her proposal arrives on your desk, your project is in very safe, highly-skilled hands. Joanne’s professionalism is matched with her personal warmth and ability to connect to interviewees. This guarantees extremely high-quality, actionable evidence on which to proceed to market. I recommend Joanne’s work very strongly – for projects ranging from FMCG right through to social welfare policy issues. She’s brilliant.

Applies strong cultural and business insight

We have worked with Jo for several years and she has continued to demonstrate her support, insight and strategic thinking in our business throughout the last 4-5 years. Jo is the most valuable and seasoned Qualitative research professional in China. We treasured very much for her expertise in both strategy development and understanding about China consumers.

Jo has worked with us on some of our biggest brands, and her work has helped us align both local and global strategies and teams. She applies strong cultural and business insight and is a familiar face at our workshops and planning sessions. And we appreciate the time and flexibility she has committed to us across our projects and the way she brings consumer insight to life for our teams.

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